About Us

Dear Hero

We have always been fascinated by strong women. Women are changing the world by following their hearts, living their dreams.

We all experience major life events that force us to be strong and motivate us to never give up. We hope that wearing STRONGER will inspire you towards an active and confident lifestyle. Every piece in our collection is a tribute to the inherent strength behind every woman. If you are the strongest version of yourself in every facet of your life, you will look as beautiful as you feel.

Do it for yourself - get shit done.

The Balance =

The two signature lines is a tribute to the balance between the inner and outer strength. We all start our journey from the power we find within ourselves, from your inner energy will help you find the strength to build yourself and a STRONGER lifestyle.

Our story

Stronger is a Swedish brand that designs workout clothes for women. The company was founded 2013 and has since then managed to collect over 80 000 loyal and strong costumers, all over the world. Our aim is to inspire as many women as possible to live a healthier lifestyle by setting trends rather than following them.

We find the inspiration to our designs from nature and colors that gives us energy and strength. We attach a great deal of importance in the relation to our costumers by being active on social medias and this helps us to always keep up with what the costumers requires and expect from our brand.

By our amazing collaborations with role models in fitness, we’ve created an invaluable insight and understanding of quality and function of the products- to satisfy all kinds of needs and levels of workout.

We don’t make clothes for strong women; we create clothes so all women can be stronger than they were yesterday.


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